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9 Stunningly Designed Venues in Cairo Launched in the Last Year

Having designed nine gorgeous spaces in the past year, MAD Interior Designs goes a step further when finding inspiration.


What do barbershop, Salony, women's fashion store, Montu, and restaurant, Bram, have in common? At first glance, not a lot. On closer inspection, however, you might notice the immaculate and creative interior design and branding of all three. On even closer inspection, it turns out that it's all at the hands of one company.

Having launched in 2008, MAD Interior Designs has given Cairo some of its most unique venues and 2018 was no different, with the firm designing a remarkable nine projects, all in the space of 12 months. Bringing all these spaces to life while simultaneously working on other equally impressive residential projects, MAD Interior Designs goes the whole nine yards when it comes to their creations. Giving each space its own unique identity, they handle the whole process from concept creation, to branding, to rebranding, to interior design as well as the full execution of the project. What's even more interesting is the lengths they go to in order to ingrain the concept in its real-life application. Going further than just throwing material samples, magazine clippings and buzz words onto a mood board, many of the venues are given colourful backstories. So without further ado, here are nine absolutely gorgeous venues.

La Taberna

Located in Sheikh Zayed, La Taberna is built on the story of a Matador who fulfills his destiny and celebrates his first victory with friends and family at the restaurant-pub with a tapas fiesta. And just like him, we'll be celebrating making it through a whole working week without having a mental breakdown with tapas and drinks.  

Posh Nosh

Posh Nosh, a restaurant in Tivoli Plaza, is great for first dates with its contemporary interior which boasts of hand painted and tattooed sculptures. So even if the evening doesn't go as planned, you know your date will be a memorable one if only for the sick interior and graffitied statues.  




Viaggo, which is in the heart of Heliopolis, also has an interesting backstory. Cesar. who'd gone back to his temple after trying a peculiar plant, started visualising everything upon setting foot back home. All of a sudden, the colors of his temple came to life and that's when his legacy, Viaggio, was born. 


Hany Rabea 

Hany Rabea's Heliopolis branch is all about that classic vibe. Having created a completely new logo and packaging for this branch, MAD Interior Designs makes sure that even when you're going in for a haircut, you're feeling fabulous.  


Popular pizzeria, Padrino, has one of the more creative backstories. Don Vito, an Italian mobster, needed a cover for his crooked operations after the 'Pizza Connection' case landed him in hot water. Il Padrino, the restaurant-pub, was the perfect cover. Deciding to expand and open it up in every country after the success of the original branch, Don Vito finally opened up a branch in Cairo's Sheraton Al Matar. Grazie, Don Vito, grazie.


Montu, which recently opened up in Citystars, is a women's clothing store whose interior design is as alluring as the clothes it house. Creating a sleek design for the brand, MAD Interior Designs has ensured that even if we've kicked our shopping addiction to the curb, we still won't want to leave the store. 


Ever heard the story behind Citystars' Egyptian cuisine restaurant, Bram? Well, MAD Designs imagined a tale where four siblings found a pot filled with secret recipes on their grandparents farm. Trying out the recipes and succeeding in cooking up their ancestors meals, they decided move to the city to bring Cairo authentic Egyptian cuisine in the form of Bram. 


Coco's Canteen

Another unique design from the MAD team is that of Coco's Canteen. Located at New Cairo's River Walk Mall, Coco's Canteen serves snacks and finger food, while also having  a sandwich station where we get to create our own delicious concoctions while we take in the artsy interior. MAD Interior Designs is also giving us our recommended daily dose of nature by placing greenery in between the trippy wall paintings that were created especially for this project.


The Sheikh Zayed barbershop has one of those old-school barbershop vibes. The salon is made up of black brick walls against a red interior and full length mirrors, going to the barbershop will never be the same again with Salony (in a good way obvs).

To know more add the maddening designs of this design studio, check their website.

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