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Etisalat Emerald's 'White Christmas' Experience is All We Wanted for Christmas

And they had Shereen Reda as a superstar Santa, what else could we ask for?

Etisalat Emerald

It's really tricky business being a parent in Egypt these days. While there was once a time when all you had to do is take the kids to the beach for summer break and you're off the hook for the rest of the year, now Christmas is also very much a thing. You just can't be the kind of parent that doesn't do Christmas anymore. Luckily, however, some Cairene parents were given a free pass this year from having to plan Christmas shenanigans, and that's because they're Etisalat Emerald customers.

Filling in for the lack of proper, Hollywood-induced Christmas spirit in Egypt - tree, gifts, and above all, SNOW - Etisalat Emerald put together a full-blown holiday extravaganza for all the boys and girls who've been good this year. Some Egyptian mommies and daddies took to Instagram to post short videos on why their little ones deserve a Christmas treat, and what kind of gifts they've been not-so-secretly asking Santa for all year. Little did they know that Santa sometimes comes in the form of a telecommunication giant.

Over at Ski Egypt, a select few of their loyal customers brought their families together for a certified white Christmas experience complete with personalised gifts, penguins, ice-skating, AND the ultimate diva, Shereen Reda, as the cherry on top of this Christmas miracle. How jolly is that?

Follow up with Etisalat Emerald on Instagram

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